General Information.

- All Tutorials will be face to face through one of the online channels and they will be 90 min long or longer.

- You have to book your Tutorial Session at least 48h before.

- You can cancel your Tutorial Session minimum 24h before the  scheduled appointment.

- Tutorials can be scheduled Monday through Friday.

- Before every the Tutorial Session You will be required to send all the materials, images, questions, concerns, so I can prepare myself and 

provide You with the best content possible as well that will save us a lot of time so We can focus only on things which need to be discussed and addressed.

- You will be receiving additional content to improve Your Headshot Photography such as videos tutorials, blog posts and any other information, which could improve your skills.

- Headshot Photography Tutorial Sessions topics will cover:   

Lighting, Posing, Face Expressions, Backgrounds, Gear, Retouching as well as Business/Marketing/Social Media, 

- In order to start the program, You need to sign this agreement as well as complete the payment.


Why do You like shoot Headshots?

How many years have You been shooting Headshots? 

How many clients do you shoot per month?

Do You do paid or free shoots most of the time? 

Is Your Business Sustainable? 

How do You get your clients? Referrals / Social Media / Web-site / 

How do You promote Your work? 

Who is your client? Graduates /Models/Actors/Corporate; Business/ 

Do You prefer shoot Men or Women? 

Do You work with Makeup Artist/Stylist/Retouching Company? 

What’s Your Headshot strengths?: Business/ Being Creative /Lighting/ Posing/ Face Expressions/ Retouching

What’s your Headshot weakness? / Business/ Being Creative /Lighting/ Posing/ Face Expressions/ Retouching

What is the most important part of Headshot in your opinion? Lighting/ Posing/ Face Expression/ Clothing/ Retouching/

What are your favorite backgrounds? Solid Colors/ Cinematic Style

Have you heard about Micro Face expression? Yes/ No

What would you like to improve the most in your Headshot Photography? 

What is your favorite method of learning about Headshot Photography?  Workshops/Online Tutorials/Social Media/Pod Cast/Forums/Books/ Mentorship

What are your goals for the next year when it comes to Your Headshot Photography career?

How do you like to communicate? Face to Face/E-mail/ Phone Call/

What would You like to achieve from this mentorship program?  

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