Hello. My name is Rafal Wegiel. Welcome to my headshot photography tutorial. I created this extensive tutorial to share the skills I’ve gained over the past 10 years. It will provide a strong foundation to take your business headshots to their highest level.
Before we begin, I’ll explain the program layout, enabling you to take full advantage of the material it contains.
Headshot photography is a complex process. By breaking it down into individual components, we can identify our strengths and weaknesses. By focusing our learning where needed, we can eventually achieve mastery.
There are seven components which, when combined, will result in one of a kind headshots, separating your work from headshots typically seen. These components are: equipment, settings, lighting, subject presence, posing, facial expressions, and editing. Each component is important. Weakness in even one will prevent the excellent results you desire. Beautiful lighting, without engaging facial expressions or quality retouching, won’t produce images that wow your clients and bring more work to your studio. Just as each seasoning is necessary for a delicious meal, photography requires a perfect blend of multiple ingredients.
It took me years to identify and refine each of these components. Thanks to this tutorial, you will not have to make the mistakes I had to make to reach my level of skills, saving you years of learning by trial and error. Rather than settling for mediocre images, you can more quickly produce polished headshots your subjects will rave about.
Regardless of what gear you currently have or can afford, you’ll find that as you master each component, the quality of your images will markedly improve. This tutorial has been created to provide you with the tools and insights needed to create inspiring headshots.

Beyond The Art of Headshot 

Business Headshot Tutorial Includes:

- 11 Videos 





Face Expression

Subject Presence

Photoshoot Session

- 4 Videos with Entire Retouching Process.

- Business for Headshot Photography PDF.

- 4 Raw Files for Practicing.

- Actions File.

*For Photoshop Users ONLY

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