1. Introduction:

  • Welcome and overview of the seminar.
  • Brief introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence in image editing.
  • Importance and impact of AI on the creative process.

2. Getting Started with AI:

  • Basics of AI and its role in image editing.
  • Overview of key AI concepts for beginners.
  • How AI is transforming the field of visual arts.

3. What Software and Applications Should We Use:

  • Exploration of popular AI-powered image editing tools.
  • Comparison of different software and applications available in the market.
  • Choosing the right tools for specific tasks.

4. Prompts and Generative Fill:

  • Understanding the concept of prompts in AI.
  • Hands-on experience with generative fill techniques.
  • Creative applications and examples.

5. Preparing Image for Retouching Process:

  • Best practices for image preparation before using AI tools.
  • Optimizing image quality and resolution.
  • Ensuring compatibility with AI algorithms.

6. Skin Retouching:

  • In-depth tutorial on AI-driven skin retouching techniques.
  • Achieving natural and professional-looking results.
  • Addressing common challenges in skin retouching.

7. Clothing Replacement:

  • Using AI for seamless clothing replacement.
  • Tips for matching style and texture.
  • Workflow for efficient and realistic clothing edits.

8. Background Replacement:

  • AI-powered background removal and replacement.
  • Creating dynamic and visually appealing backgrounds.
  • Strategies for blending subjects with new backgrounds.

9. Colour Adjustments:

  • Exploring AI-based color correction tools.
  • Techniques for enhancing and manipulating colors.
  • Achieving a cohesive and balanced color palette.

10. The Flaws of AI and How to Fix Them:

  • Identifying common pitfalls in AI-based image editing.
  • Strategies for mitigating and correcting errors.
  • Balancing automation with manual intervention for optimal results.
  • Recap of key learnings.
  • Q&A session for participants.
  • Resources for further exploration and practice.

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All seminar purchases are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend, your registration fee can be transferred to the next available seminar. Thank you for your understanding.

Rafal Wegiel is an esteemed portrait and headshot photographer, originally hailing from Poland and currently residing in Calgary, AB, Canada since 2001. With over two decades of professional experience, he has established himself as a master of his craft. With a deep passion for the art of photography, Rafal's work goes beyond simply capturing images; he strives to delve into the essence of his subjects, uncovering their unique beauty and preserving it for eternity.

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