Coloured Gel Set Limited Edition

This Coloured Gel Pack includes everything you need to start taking more creative backgrounds for your Headshot Photography. These gels can either be used on their own or in combination with other gels for even more creative options. Colour Pack contains one of each (4"x 4") of the core colours needed to get you shooting in any situation that requires maximum saturation in your images. 

1) Bright Red. 
2) Magenta. 
 3) Medium Blue Green. 
 4) Mauve. 
 5) Mallard Green. 
 6) Cabanna Blue. 
 7) QFD Blue. 
 8) Egg Yolk Yellow. 
 9) As Golden Amber. 
 10) Special K.H. Lavender.

Coloured Gel Set - Colours

Video Tutorial

The  Coloured Gel Set also includes: 

1h Downloadable Video Tutorial.

1) How to effectively use Coloured Gels.

 2) How to properly setup   lighting for  Colourful Backgrounds

3) How to retouch and adjust colours in Photoshop for creative Gelled Coloured Background 

$49.99 (+Shipping Cost)


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